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I Love My Church Campaign
Church-Wide Campaign
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I love my Church is an annual world-wide campaign that churches participate in every year. The first purpose of the campaign is for Pastors and appointees to present scripture based Sunday Sermons and weekly Bible Study Lessons to the church membership, teaching and inspiring them to develop and grow in the knowledge of why they should love their church.

Then secondly, I love my Church Campaign gives the church membership an active role in expressing their love for their church.

When we look at the church in these 3 aspects:

  1. The Body of Christ
  2. The Called Out Believers in Jesus Christ (People)
  3. The Church Building

This gives the People (Believers) a opportunity to verbally express their love for the Church and it also gives them a opportunity to participate in activities, functions and fellowships that center around their love for their church.

This also allows our invited visitors and guess as well as members of our community to come and experience the wonderful Internal Care Ministries and the wonderful Outreach Ministries that our church has to share with so many people.

Teaching Topices from the Study Guide

I Love My Church:

1. Love in Community
2. Love by Serving
3. Love by Giving
4. Love in Sharing (Love in telling)