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This book talks about marriage and divorce God's way. There are far too many Christians with a burning question they dare not ask for fear of the answer; consequently, they live under a cloud of doubt.

Church leaders would be shocked at the number of Christians who suffer in silence with the questions, "Does God honor my marriage to someone other than my first spouse?" or "Although divorced, is my first wife/husband still my spouse in God's eyes?" These are valid questions that hamper an otherwise good relationship with God because it will cause you to be unsure about your true standing before Him. There are too many Christians dealing with these questions because they are unsure how God feels about their divorce.

This book will not only answer those questions, but will challenge people to think about how they got their current spouse. This book will challenge Christians to face their past with honesty and humility. We must be willing to answer the hard questions, with the ugly truth.


A Heart Worth Entering Heaven
Not Perfect but Faithful
A. Cummings


Living The Spirit-Filled Life is the product of a labor of love for Paul Richardson. Many of the teachings and biblical insights came from his father, the late Dr. J.R. Richardson.

Combined with Paul's discernment, knowledge of scriptural principles and applicable illustrations, the book is a memorial to the God whom both men committed to love and serve.

As a Senior Pastor himself, Paul knows first-hand how well-meaning Christians can learn about the Spirit, they can try to understand the Spirit, without even desiring to live in the Spirit.

Here in honest, easy to understand language is a blue print-a guide to what God says about Living The-Spirit-Filled Life. May the reader seek to burn with a renewed passion to please God above all else, and until every prayer begins with "Set My Soul on Fire, God-Set My Soul on Fire.


Living the Spirit-Filled Life
Paul R. Richardson







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